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Cathy Hotka knows more senior retail leaders than anyone.

Customers are no longer buying products. They're buying experiences delivered by products. Can your company help retailers make this leap?

Cathy Hotka & Associates LLC is retail's relationship marketing firm. The firm creates opportunities for retail leaders to see one another, and pairs retailers with technology companies they are interested in seeing. The job? Leverage an enormous contact base of friends and colleagues with more personal contacts than anyone. Past accomplishments? Created the NRF CIO Council and NRFTech. Honored as a Computerworld Premier 100 Leader. Honored as a qualifier of the Transformation Award from the Wharton School of Business. RetailWire BrainTrustpanelist. Judge for the CIO 100 awards each year. Board member for the Knowledge@Wharton Retail and CPG Summit. Experience? Congressional liaison office in the Carter White House, served in the office of the president of the Senate, and worked for Minnesota Senator Walter F. Mondale.  



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Washington, DC 20016

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Many technology companies go to market with an incomplete understanding of their value to the marketplace. We'll work with you to figure out some killer positioning, then put you in front of all the right people. 

Positioning Workshops



Each positioning workshop is unique to you. We'll meet up at your headquarters and go through an exercise that will galvanize everyone around an approach -- then develop a marketing plan for the next six months or year.  Put an expert in your corner. 


What They Say...

Thanks for a great evening! 

"I had a wonderful time at dinner last evening. I had been to a dinner managed by a different outlet, but I much preferred the way you made everyone feel welcome, and kept the discussion on track. Please keep me in mind for future events." -- retailer

THANk you for such a great job at our positioning workshop.

"The team and I agreed that we now have our act together and can speak with one voice, and we're looking forward to our dinner roadshow events with you." -- sponsor

I really appreciated you profiling me in your newsletter.  

"Several companies have gotten in touch with me, and I will be heading to SoCal for an interview soon."  -- retailer

Wow -- The retail Insiders Party!

"Amazing party. Wow, so terrific. I met so many new people. Had the BEST TIME. You really know how to throw a party." -- retailer

"Wow! All those C-levels in one room. I spent two and a half hours talking to C-level executives. While I was chatting with one retailer, another retailer told him how great we are. Fantastic job -- it was electric." -- sponsor

What do retail CIOs read? The newsletter that's about them. The Insider Newsletter is published every three weeks and features people news, interviews with retail newsmakers, and a schedule of the best retail events. The average reader opens each issue four times. 

Technology companies use banner ads and tower ads to draw attention to their products and services. Retailers use the newsletter to advertise their comings and goings. 

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I'm pleased to announce a partnership between Cathy Hotka & Associates and the Wharton School of Business. We'll be teaming up to create important new events you won't want to miss, with great content and stellar participants.