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5011 44th Street Northwest
Washington, DC, 20016
United States


Cathy Hotka & Associates connects leaders in retail to share knowledge and advance the industry.

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Dinners with retail leaders are a great way to establish contact with the people who make decisions and write checks. Cathy Hotka & Associates has been planning dinner events since the early 80’s; there’s a lot of experience baked into every event.

Each event is custom-created, and hosted only by YOU. Dinner discussions center around topics that are central to the state of the retail industry. These are not sales events, but rather thoughtful conversations designed to reach new solutions for retail's biggest problems while providing networking opportunities for retail insiders. 

Most dinner discussions start at 6:30pm with cocktails and networking until 7:00pm, when we sit for dinner and start a discussion about a pre-designated topic. Most dinners close by 9pm with optional networking afterward. 


2018 EVENT schedule

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OCTOBER 4, 2018


The digital supply chain is here! It’s all about leveraging smart, intelligent solutions to help you proactively respond versus reacting to what’s already happened. Let's talk about the priorities in the age of always-on commerce.

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OCTOBER 11, 2018

What are the best use cases for IBM Watson? Making more personalized offers, making better merchandise choices, determining better shipping options? What could be the most useful for you?

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OCTOBER 4, 2018


Everyone's going to the cloud, but there are a lot of considerations when it comes to doing it right for your applications. Let's talk about what success looks like, and how others have seen great results while positioning for the future. 

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OCTOBER 18, 2018

There are lots of potential uses for IBM Watson, from better inventory decisions to more personalized offers and smarter customer interaction. We're asking C-level Bay Area leaders for their guidance. 



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